Dazzling Diamonds

How to keep your Diamonds Sparkling

If you have worn your diamond jewellery for a while and wondered why it has suddenly become dull and lifeless, a dirty stone is the likely cause.

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Treat with Care

Over time, diamonds attract oil, grease and dirt which can affect their brilliance, so handle your diamonds with care. Everyday grime, chemicals in beauty products, body lotions, hair sprays and perfumes can leave a thin film on your diamonds, making them appear less sparkly. Tip: Try to avoid putting your jewellery on until after you have finished getting ready.

Clean them Regularly

Be sure to clean your diamonds regularly. Check out our Jewellery Cleaning Guide for handy tips and tricks to ensure that your diamonds always dazzle.

Be Aware

Be aware of where you wear your diamond jewellery. Newsflash: Your diamond is fragile, even though it is the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth! Avoid wearing your diamonds in rough work conditions, when doing household cleaning or playing sports. Avoid placing it in circumstances where it may be damaged, scratched, chipped or a diamond becomes loose.

Get a Check Up

Ultimately your trusted jeweller will be more than happy to take a look at your diamond jewellery. They will check for any possible damage, loose stones and give them a professional clean and polish.