Jewellery Cleaning

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How can I clean my jewellery?

All jewellery items; even the most expensive and high quality, will be susceptible to some wear and tear over time. They can sometimes start to look a little dull and dirty and lack the sparkle they used to have when they were brand new. Make-up, powders, soaps, cleaning products, dirt, dust and oils from your skin combine to create a film on the surface of your jewellery that will need to be cleaned regularly.

Most jewellers provide a professional cleaning service, whereby they clean and polish your jewellery. This will include your jewellery being buffed and polished by hand and then placed in an ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaning involves your jewellery being immersed in a water and cleaning solution-filled bath. When switched on, it creates a high frequency turbulence that removes any dirt and polishing residue and will clean any hard to reach places e.g. inside diamond settings.

If you’re at home, a simple solution of detergent and warm water combined with some scrubbing with a soft toothbrush also works. Let it dry completely and give it a buff with a jewellery polish cloth. Never use a harsh or abrasive cleaner, a stiff brush or a scouring pad on your jewellery as the metal may be quite soft. There are even brand name liquid jewellery cleaners available from your local jeweller with instructions on how to use.

Visit your jeweller for the best advice on how to keep your jewellery sparkling clean.