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Questions with the Managing Director on Casting

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1. What are your business’ strengths and unique selling points?

Peter W Beck has always been known for its high level of quality, exceptional customer service and keeping up with the latest technology in the field. We work personally with the customer on every casting job to ensure they get the best possible quality. Our team also have a stringent quality control process that allows each job to be completely traceable down to the details of the alloy batch that was used for the job.


Pretty In Pink

Pink gold features the rich yellow of pure gold and the redish hue of copper to produce its warm, pink colour.

A popular & fashionable choice, it is used in all types of jewellery as its earthy, soft glow complements most skin tones. Diamonds and coloured gemstones look equally gorgeous set in this beautiful metal as well as it being combined with white and/or yellow gold.

Pink Gold 15x10cm


Australian Standards

Stamps 1181x716

The Australian Standards

Below are the symbols used when Carat stamping metal to the Australian Standards.

9ct Gold                        37.5% Pure Gold         Symbol 375

9ct Gold

10ct Gold                   41.7% Pure Gold           Symbol 417

10ct Gold

14ct Gold                 58.5% Pure Gold             Symbol 585

14ct Gold

18ct Gold                75% Pure Gold                Symbol 750

18ct Gold

Platinum               95% or 96% Pure Platinum           Symbol 950 or 960

Platinum  Platinum 960

Palladium             95% Pure Palladium               Symbol 950


Sterling Silver      92.5% Pure Sterling Silver    Symbol 925

Sterling Silver


White Gold

What is White Gold

White Gold is created by mixing fine Yellow Gold with other precious white metals, such as Nickel, Silver, Platinum or Palladium. Adding these metals to Yellow Gold, not only gives it its white colour, but it creates a stronger and more durable alloy perfect for use in jewellery.