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Pretty In Pink

Pink gold features the rich yellow of pure gold and the redish hue of copper to produce its warm, pink colour.

A popular & fashionable choice, it is used in all types of jewellery as its earthy, soft glow complements most skin tones. Diamonds and coloured gemstones look equally gorgeous set in this beautiful metal as well as it being combined with white and/or yellow gold.

Pink Gold 15x10cm


Q&A with the Managing Director

  • What are your company’s plans for the year ahead?

As with every year, we will start 2014 with open eyes and minds. We have a few very large projects which we hope to wrap up in 2014, but also look forward to the opportunity to begin new projects as we discover new needs within the market place and our ever changing customer base.

- Peter Beck

Q&A with the Managing Director

  • What were your biggest achievements/highlights for Peter W Beck in 2013?

We have accomplished a couple of big projects this year and they have definitely been highlights in our 2013 year. The first is our accreditation for ISO standards in Precious metal Assaying. This internationally recognized certification is a wonderful achievement and a credit to our Precious Metal departments who have worked solidly over the course of the year to meet these quality processes.

The second highlight of this year was the launch of our latest Consumer Campaign, ‘We Make Love’. We have had such a brilliant response from all of our customers regarding this groundbreaking campaign and consumer awareness of Peter W Beck is building by the day. We are thrilled to be able to provide all of our customers with the material for this campaign so they too can use it to further promote their businesses.

-Peter Beck