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Understanding Carat Stamps

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Understanding Carat Stamps

The term carat refers to the gold content of a metal. It measures the proportion of fine yellow gold to the other metal alloys it is mixed with. Similarly the term carat also refers to measuring the weight of diamonds and other gemstones.


The remainder of the metals is made up of a combination of different alloys such as platinum, palladium, nickel, copper, or silver. By combining different alloys we create unique metal types e.g. white or pink gold, while adjusting the carat.


Jewellery can be made in any carat of metal. The higher the carat, the softer and more expensive the metal, as it contains more pure gold.

Jewellery Cleaning

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How can I clean my jewellery?

All jewellery items; even the most expensive and high quality, will be susceptible to some wear and tear over time. They can sometimes start to look a little dull and dirty and lack the sparkle they used to have when they were brand new. Make-up, powders, soaps, cleaning products, dirt, dust and oils from your skin combine to create a film on the surface of your jewellery that will need to be cleaned regularly.