What is Palladium?

Palladium is in the same Precious Metal family as Platinum and is naturally white, with a slightly darker shade of white to Platinum. A strong & durable Precious Metal, Palladium, will last forever.


  • Peter W Beck Palladium is 95% pure.
  • It is slightly warmer, and greyish white in colour compared to other white metals. It resembles Platinum quite closely.
  • Palladium is strong, durable and its whiteness will last forever.
  • Unlike White Gold, it will not require any maintenance as there is no need for Rhodium Plating.
  • It is half the density of Platinum, hence it is slightly softer, but a very similar metal for jewellers to work with.
  • Great for setting diamonds as it holds them securely in place.
  • Not as expensive as Platinum, and is steadily increasing in popularity.
  • Due to its rich purity, it is hypoallergenic. A great option for those with sensitive skin.