Getting the right Fit


Did you know?

A very special feature of a Peter W Beck Wedding Ring is the internal curve of the ring! The curve on the inside of the ring can change the fit of the ring on your finger and is particularly important when choosing a wide ring. There are three fit options to choose from in the Peter W Beck range.

Standard Fit - Standard Fit is a flat surface on the inside of the ring and is suitable with lighter weight metals such as Titanium and Silver, and also on narrow rings.

Ezi Fit - Ezi Fit is a shallow curve on the inside of the ring and on average adds .2mm of thickness to the ring. Adding Ezi Fit makes the ring easier to put on your finger and makes the fit more comfortable.

Luxury Fit - Luxury Fit is a more prominent curve on the inside of the ring, and is usually .4mm thicker than Standard Fit and .2mm thicker than Ezi Fit. Adding Luxury Fit is a beautiful addition to any Wedding Ring as it makes the Wedding Ring incredibly comfortable to wear, decreasing the surface area of the ring on your finger, perfect for wide men’s rings. Adding Ezi Fit or Luxury Fit may not increase the thickness of the ring, this will depend on the standard thickness of the wedding ring to begin with.