Ring Resizing

pwb-sizing-guideOften Brides and Grooms will need their ring resized at some stage in their lives. There are many different factors that make a ring too tight or too loose for your finger, when once it fit perfectly, but dont worry. In many cases the ring can be resized or remade to the correct finger size again.

The ring re-sizing process generally involves metal either being cut out of your ring to make the ring smaller, or adding it to the ring to make it larger. In some cases where only a small resize is required, the ring can be stretched up a little to increase the finger size. Depending on the style of ring, type of metal, the change between sizes, the width or any design features the ring has, will determine firstly whether your ring can be resized, and if so the amount of time and cost it may require. There will also be cases where the ring can not be resized, but a replacement in the correct finger size can be made. This can be safer approach to ‘resizing’ as is it is less likely to compromise the quality and the structure of the ring. Most jewellers provide a ring re-sizing service, so visit your local jeweller to show the ring to be re-sized and to find out more.