White Gold

What is White Gold

White Gold is created by mixing fine Yellow Gold with other precious white metals, such as Nickel, Silver, Platinum or Palladium. Adding these metals to Yellow Gold, not only gives it its white colour, but it creates a stronger and more durable alloy perfect for use in jewellery.

Although most people think that white gold is a naturally white metal, it is in fact not. The colour of White Gold can vary depending on the alloy formula used and in most cases is a dull, yellow-grey colour. In order to create consistent brightness, all White Gold jewellery is Rhodium Plated. Rhodium itself is a rare, silver to white precious metal, and a member of the platinum family. A thin layer is applied to the metal giving it a bright, white & shiny appearance that resists tarnishing. Peter W Beck White Gold can be selected from a range of carats, including 9ct and 18ct.