Questions with the Managing Director on Casting

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1. What are your business’ strengths and unique selling points?

Peter W Beck has always been known for its high level of quality, exceptional customer service and keeping up with the latest technology in the field. We work personally with the customer on every casting job to ensure they get the best possible quality. Our team also have a stringent quality control process that allows each job to be completely traceable down to the details of the alloy batch that was used for the job.


Proudly Australian

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For the past 39 years, Peter W Beck has taken much pride in being 100% Australian made & owned.

Born here, operated here, and loved here!

Therefore, we have recently incorporated ‘Australia’ under our company logo. This small but significant addition connects us back to our Australian roots no matter where we are in the world. It promotes us as being Australian Made and reinforces to our Australian customers that we are local and here to stay.

Q&A with the Managing Director

  • What are your company’s plans for the year ahead?

When siting down to write this I realised that all of the plans we had put in place for the previous year, came to fruition through hard work and perseverance, so it’s important to set goals and continually revisit them to make sure you are on track. For 2015 we want to make ourselves even more efficient to match the changing economic climate by investing in Production. We are also investing heavily in IT to speed up our ability to communicate to the market, and give back to the retailers who support us so well.

- Peter Beck

Q&A with the Managing Director

  • What do you think are the biggest opportunities?

Although things are tough at the moment, we still have a very strong industry that we should be proud of. When times are tough we need to get back to basics, and find those small opportunities that we may have forgotten about over the years. Develop traditional skill sets, learn new techniques, strengthen relationships with existing customers and mature your brand image and values.

Australians can also see a huge opportunity when looking outside of Australia. To the world we are seen as exotic and producers of quality goods, so we can use this to our advantage and market ourselves outside Australia. In our experience, Australian Made products are very well regarded and so the opportunities that lie overseas could potentially be huge.

- Peter Beck

Q&A with the Managing Director

  •  What were the biggest achievements/highlights for your company in 2014?

2014 was an interesting and challenging year, and yet we achieved what we had set out to at the beginning of the year and even more in some cases. We successfully launched a brand new range of wedding rings never seen before in Australia, Spectrum, which have been very popular and we hope to expand this range in the New Year. Another goal we set out to achieve was to break into some overseas markets after attending the Hong Kong Trade Fair which we were thrilled to achieve. A big highlight for us this year was being the Principal Sponsor of the JAA Jewellery Design Awards. It’s always a great night to attend and celebrate our established and emerging jewellers.

- Peter Beck