Australian Brands

Advance Australia Flair

We were recently interviewed as part of the Jeweller Magazine’s Australian Brands supplement and because we are 100% Aussie through and through we had the following to say…


Jeweller: What is your brand philosophy?

Peter W Beck: Our brand philosophy is to create world class wedding rings and provide superb and unrivaled precious metal services to the Australian and New Zealand Jewellery Industries

Jeweller: Do you think there are characteristics that make a brand distinctly Australian?

Peter W Beck: Australians are all so different and Australian brands all distinctly different, I don’t think there is any one trait that makes a brand Australian or not. International customers though expect quality when dealing with an Australian brand as we seem to have a great reputation overseas for delivering unique quality product.

Jeweller:  The jewellery industry has undergone massive change in recent years as retailers and consumers have moved towards mainly international, branded jewellery ranges? Has that helped or hindered local jewellery brands?

Peter W Beck: The introduction of more international brands to our shores has definitely been challenging for Australian manufacturers and in a lot of cases these international brands are quick to market and have huge resources at their disposal. Many Australian Manufacturers have been forced to sharpen their pencils and look at what they do best and luckily for many of us, our product ranges and offering are just as good if not better than those brands coming in from overseas.