Whats your style?

Over 118,000 weddings happen around the country each year and each one is slightly unique and different. What will you be doing to make your wedding different to suit your personality?

Mood Board 4 -orange

Mood Board 12Soft outdoors rustic with a classy touch of floral and glass. Pairing canvas, wood and a canopy of stars with a few bridal touches can make your unique wedding natural and relaxed.


Mood Board 10 -purplePicking one colour and theming all your elements around that colour can be an easy way of making your wedding look highly styled without too much effort. Choose a colour that you and your partner loves and incorporate it into the wedding tables, the ceremony, the invitations and even the flowers


Mood Board Lilly 600x600Classically Bridal, Lilly’s and lace, paired with a super romantic touch of candle light. Just a small wedding, one table of close friends and family and each detail perfectly matched to your individual style.