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Yellow Gold

Gold has been a universal symbol of wealth and has been highly sought after since the beginning of recorded history. Gold is found in many forms, from alluvial to nuggets and in ore where many tonnes can yield only a few ounces.

Pure Gold is rich yellow in colour and is far too soft and malleable to be used in jewellery, so fine gold is mixed or alloyed with other metals to give it strength and durability. Alloying Gold creates a vast spectrum of colours and carats, carat being the scale of purity of Gold Alloys, the higher the carat, the higher the gold content. For example, 18ct Gold contains 75% pure gold by weight and 9ct Gold contains 37.5% pure gold by weight.

Gold lasts forever and will not rust, tarnish or corrode. It is an everlasting and treasured precious metal that has withstood the test of time.

At Peter W Beck, our Gold is available in 9ct and 18ct so you can choose a colour and purity of Gold that suits you.

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