Jewellery Care


How do I care for my jewellery?

The more you take care of your jewellery, the longer you will be able to enjoy wearing it. Here are a few simple tips on looking after your jewellery:

-          Pack each item individually in a box, drawer, compartment or pouch when not wearing. This will prevent pieces from getting tangled and damaging each other.

-          Steer clear of harsh cleaning products e.g. Chlorine or bleach, which can discolour your jewellery. Cleaning products, such as soaps, can also leave a film which can dull their appearance.

-          Avoid wearing your jewellery in rough work conditions, when doing household cleaning or playing sports where it may be damaged, scratched, or a diamond becomes loose.

-          Apply your make-up, hair spray and perfume before you put your jewellery on. The chemicals in them may damage the finish of the metal and the stones if sprayed directly on them.


The best way to maintain your precious jewellery items is to have them serviced annually by your jeweller. This involves a thorough inspection of each piece and a good clean and polish. White gold items may also require Rhodium Plating to maintain a bright, white finish.