Celebrating 40 years!

40th Banner Hero
Back in 1976, Peter William Beck started his very own business making wedding rings and selling precious metals, he called it ‘Peter W Beck’.

40 years later, Peter William Beck is seated in Adelaide as the Managing Director of one of the largest Jewellery Manufacturers in Australia.

Join us on a journey through history as we look at some of the highlights our beautiful company has seen over the past 40 years, and help us celebrate this amazing company milestone!

1976 -

Peter started the business with $6,000 and a huge amount of passion for the jewellery industry. With a soft spot for Precious Metals, he spent countless nights studying, researching and building his soon to be factory.

In the first three years of the business, Peter concentrated on supplying fabricated Precious Metal to manufacturing jewellers in Adelaide along with a few tools.

Not long after this in the 70′s, he recognised there was a gap in the market for quality made Wedding Rings, one which he believed he could fill by listening to his customers needs and working through the best way to satisfy them.

From here the two sides of Peter W Beck were born. Wedding Rings and Jewellery and Precious metal Services.

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